Do You Know Why School Board Elections Are So Important?

The school board is responsible for seeing that kids get a quality education. School boards have the power to determine curriculum, textbooks, and library content which directs the students' towards either a Biblical or anti-Biblical worldview.

School Boards exercise their authority through superintendents, who they hire to carry out their directives.  The school boards have ALL the power in the school district, from hiring the Superintendent to determining how your tax dollars are spent. School board positions are very powerful. The future of your students and community are powerfully impacted by the decisions made by school board members.

School board members are the elected authority for the school district and represent the citizens of the district. It is their responsibility to carry out the educational imperatives of the parents and citizens of their district. It is imperative that communities work hard to find and elect candidates for School Board who are willing to respond to the will of the people in the district.

School Boards 4 Kids is the "town hall" for effective change in our schools. You can join with other members of your community and replace ineffective boards. If you'd like to learn more about what can be done to increase the quality of your school boards, change begins by getting informed. Sign up here. 

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Oklahoma kids are not receiving an education that will allow them to flourish or meet the economic needs of their community.

It's past time for change!

English: 66%

Performing Below Grade Level

Math: 68%

Performing Below Grade Level

The Superintendent works for the School Board.

The School Board does not work for the Superintendent.

"It is imperative that communities work hard to IDENTIFY and elect candidates TO THEIR School Boards who are PREPARED to respond to the will of the people AND COMMUNITIES THEY SERVE."

The Superintendent works for the School Board.